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samedi 14 juin 2008

AKAI Rhythm Wolf

AKAI Rhythm Wolf

Vidéo tournées avec une AKAI Rhythm Wolf :













vendredi 13 juin 2008

Casio SK-5 keyboard

Casio SK-5 keyboard

Circuit Bending par Diabolical Devices

Description :
Here is a Casio Sk-5 professionally modified by Diabolical Devices
This keyboard features 20 banana jacks on turret board, 6 hard wired bends. Midi kit installed, allowing this unit to be triggered by an external controller, sequencer, or computer. Instant idea creation, as it sits at home in a acoustic guitar mix as it does in a industrial noise cacophony or contemporary dance track. The range of noises go from controllable to uncontrollable dial-up modem gargle to distorted ring-mods, to harmonious clang. It takes on a new character when fed into a delay line. As always, this will operate stock or bent, comes with detailed instructions and nice patch cables made out of the same cable that test equipment uses, very THICK insulation, and flexible.

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Casio SK-1 keyboard

Circuit bent Casio SK-1 keyboard

Circuit Bending par 'spunky toofers' -

Descriptif :
antithesizer 6.11 circuit bent by spunky toofers. .. finished in many thin layers of white and black paint to form a durable finish and sheen. coloured in my classic antithesizer style.. sound files of current sk-1 model can be found under live at francisco house, light of god, nebulagirl and autonomous sk-1 composition at sk-1 samples at soundclick and samples at myspace the tracks called music of the spheres, happy sadcore feature only the live single track sounds of my circuit bent sk-1. search for spunky toofers for videos on ... circuit bent sk-1 .. . a patchbay has been install in lieu of the speaker. this provides for endless possibilities for new sounds and experimentation. however for the performer in mind i have installed switches which are very stable and is a very nice alchemist's blend which interplays with one another quite well. 18 switches, one soft reset button, one super bright white LED and vintage pilot lens, two body contacts, one pitch dial. .. it is important to know how this instrument works as far as sequencing, recording, sample looping, and normal playing modes. i have bent the instrument in the best way possible to effect all modes of instrument as they can vary drastically in results. i wanted to redesign the control interface and switches to produce a good solid range of options that effect all sound banks without many lock ups and very consistent bends that will solidly perform live. i also wanted to have self composition to be a strong element to this machine as i have found it to be an excellent way to set an instrument to be layered and mixed in live situations. the arrays of switches have been grouped into different categories depending on row and situation of switches. these group banks include : filter banks, repeat echo banks, odd synthesis bank, ambient drones, a switch for auto melody composition.. and a tactile bank of switches for removing all four levels of polyphony. as in SATB it will remove the bass, tenor and alto and soprano harmonies..this comes in handy when you want to extract voices to create subtle compositions which removes bass lines, higher voices etc on the fly...also this is very helpful when the lofi loveliness gets too thick to discern what is going on and when pitches become muddied by low frequencies. there is also a switch for removing drum sounds completely.. afforementioned switches are are located on far right of instrument.. there is two body contacts that act as a pressure sensitive distortion effect on any sound at hand.. also available is a knob which will control pitch by one octave and a half.. or 19 half steps in all.. very very useful.. questionable bends have been fine tuned with capacitors and resistors to make sure that bends are much more stable.. i have made many of these over the years and have been fine tuning each model to date. this ensures you are getting the best instrument possible...with switches this takes the guess work out for you and avoids the redundant bends.. i picked bends that were flexible across all sound banks (they will completely change for each sound bank, just the nature of this instrument when bent). i implemented the bends in a manner that would effect other switches in new ways! a very tactile instrument whether for studio or stage.. ... comes with vintage blue glass lens and aluminum rimmed pilot lens with bright white LED light power indicator mounted underneath..has a soft reset button that works like a charm! ..

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AltoidNinaBox noise box

The 'AltoidNinaBox' noise box

Circuit Bending par 'thejunkyardcatalyst'

Descriptif :
The AltoidNinaBox

This Circuit Bend is the super common laser, bomb dropping, siren, etc. sound effects toy that you have probably heard before...The Dub Siren! If you don't know it you will. The AltoidNinaBox tweaks out with the turn of the knob while touching the two body contacts. You can see how crazy it gets in the video. It is housed in an Altoids box, with art work done by the magnificent Nina Wright. There are two switches. One is for the power. The second switch has three settings: Off, Loop, and Step. When on the step setting The AltoidNinaBox will play the different sound effects one at a time. When you hear the one you like switch it to loop and it will play continuously.

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Rainbow keyboard

Circuit bent 'rainbow' keyboard

Circuit Bending par 'Futuree Electrode' , website

Description :
This is a circuit bent children's keyboard, one of the smallest I've ever seen!  It's only about 12 inches long and has rainbow-colored keys and a built-in handle!  I bent it myself, the bends I have done are:
Pitch up/down - alters the toy's clock speed to change pitch up or down when keys are played.  The range is from normal sounds through analog-synth sounds all the way to intermittent clicks.
Body contacts - one produces distortion, the other is a small pitch bend.

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