Lo-Fi Carbon Mic Beer Can Microphone

Circuit Bending par Waterhead - www.myspace.com/waterhed

Description :
Lo-Fi CARBON microphone housed in a recycled Pabst Beer Can. Im only making a few(5) of these so get one while they last.
Ready to blast your message to the world or at least your recording deck.
This is a CARBON element from a vintage telephone that outputs a fantasticly gritty, lo-fi, vintage sound.
In super solid shape and ready to rock for years built ruggedly, into an empty Pabst beer can.
Ive reinforced the can for sturdiness.
Ive also added a 1/4" jack so you can plug in any guitar cable and have as long or short of a cable as you need.
Runs on (1) 9volt battery.
When you plug in a cord it turns itself on, when you unplug the cord its off.